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Brougham #4708
Vehicle: Brougham #4708
Builder: Brewster & Co. of Broome St.
Condition: Restored

In 2009 I was contacted by a man that had purchased a historic building in NYC, and was converting the building into condominiums.  At that point, he was looking for a carriage to display on the ground floor.  I never imagined where the phone call would take me.

The building is located at 372 - 374 Broome St. New York City.  This was the home of Brewster & Co. of Broome St.  During the process of renovation the owner had developed a great interest in Brewster & Co., and had decided that a historic carriage displayed in the window would make a great attraction for potential buyers.

In my personal collection, I have some large advertising lithographs  from Brewster that we believed served as an advertisement for the firm through the ages.  On the bottom of one print is the address of the building the was being renovated, "372 - 374 Broome St."   While I loved the piece, I made the decision to share it, and you can see the print on the wall of one of the finished condos on the website www.thebrewstercarriagehouse.com.  (I think this is very cool!)  

In the meantime, I kept looking for a carriage from Brewster & Co. of Broome St. that would be appropriate to display in the window.  For multiple reasons, the correct piece never became available.

In July 2010 I attended the George Taylor auction in Pennsylvania  and found a wonderfully restored brougham that was smaller in size, and would make a perfect display piece in the Brewster building.  I was able to purchase the carriage and a few months later it was resold to the owner of the building.

I have included lots of pictures of the interior, exterior, and lots of details of the building.  I have also included pictures of the carriage being rolled into the building, and the display that is currently outside of the building for people to admire.  The building is located at the corner of Broome and Mott St. on the north end of Little Italy in lower Manhattan.  Anyone familiar with the movie "Gangs of New York" will know this area as the "Five Points"

To be part of this whole experience was something that I will never forget. 

As a young carriage collector, there are more people than I can ever thank who have taught me about carriages and appointments.  On the top of that list are my parents and aunt and uncle, and being able to arrange a tour of this building for my uncle was just one very small way I can say "Thank you."

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