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I have been very lucky and fortunate to represent and sell some wonderful vehicles and appointments.  Below you will find pictures of just a few of these pieces.  

Please let me know if you are looking for something similar to a piece shown on this page. I am continually buying vehicles and appointments, and never know “what is around the corner” 

As we all know, there any many options to choose from when purchasing an antique.  I would like to thank everyone who chose to buy their carriage, wagon or appointment from me.  I hope the piece exceeded any expectations that you had.

private_stable_01Appointment: The Private Stable. Its Establishment, Management and Appointments.
Author: James A. Garland
Year: 1903
Condition: Good

“As a manual of practical information, its value is unquestionable” Cleveland Plain Dealer.


peck_01Appointment: Antique Finger Mount Carriage Lamps
Condition: Excellent
Length: 17 inches
Maker: Edward E. Peck. New Haven, CT

Well styled carriage lamps never appear to go out of style with collectors, drivers, and the general public.


wagon_01Vehicle: Light delivery wagon. Serial number 23995.
Builder: Abbott Downing Company. Concord, NH.;
Condition: Factory original

Abbot Downing Company was known the world over for its Concord Stagecoach but actually it manufactured over 40 different types of carriages and wagons at the wagon factory in Concord, New Hampshire.


lamps_01Appointment: Carriage lamps - finger mount.
Condition: Excellent original
Size: 21 inches long
Markings: Brewster & Co. New York.

You don't have to be an expert in any particular area to recognize quality when you see it.


cj_1Appointment: Collection of Carriage Journals
Date: Various
Condition: Excellent

The Carriage Journal, the official publication of the CAA, has been distributed to our members without interruption for more than 40 years.


book_1Appointment: Collection of antique carriage & coaching books.
Condition: Very good
Authors: Variety

Whether you are a carriage collector, your family member had a carriage you always admired, or you just like "old things," books are a wonderful addition to your collection that can be enjoyed all year long.


Vehicle: Park Phaeton
Maker: P. Biron. Sherbrooke. Quebec
Condition: Restored

This is your opportunity to own a well styled, restored carriage with a nice maker’s name.  I have always thought this would be the right carriage for a commercial wedding operator who is looking for something more than the white vis-à-vis.


pony_lamps_01Appointment: Antique pony carriage lamps
Condition: Very nice
Size: 10 - 11 inches tall

The new owner of these antique pony lamps will be extremely happy.


break_1Vehicle: Shooting Break on reach
Condition: Older restoration

Whether you are looking for an addition to your collection, or a vehicle for the show ring this piece is sure to meet your demands.


pony_carriage_01Vehicle: Pony carriage with removable back seat. (Cut-under)
Condition: Factory original

This well styled pony carriage is the perfect vehicle to drive and thoroughly enjoy or completely restore.


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