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I have been very lucky and fortunate to represent and sell some wonderful vehicles and appointments.  Below you will find pictures of just a few of these pieces.  

Please let me know if you are looking for something similar to a piece shown on this page. I am continually buying vehicles and appointments, and never know “what is around the corner” 

As we all know, there any many options to choose from when purchasing an antique.  I would like to thank everyone who chose to buy their carriage, wagon or appointment from me.  I hope the piece exceeded any expectations that you had.

ludovici_1Appointment: Pair of english coaching prints
Artist: Alert Ludovici
Condition: Excellent
Size: 18.75 x 14.25 inches including frames

Albert Ludovici Jr. (1852-1932), had a particular fondness for the English ‘coaching age’ and these prints are part of a larger series of coaching scenes,


coach_001Appointment: Coach and (4) horses model
Medium: Bronze
Artist: Unknown (In the style of Carl Kauba)
Condition: Excellent

Some items have a style, design traits and construction that speak for themselves. I am very excited to offer one of those special items.


healey_01Vehicle: Tandem Cart
Builder: Healey & Co. New York
Condition: Older restoration. Very sound structurally.

While vehicles by Brewster & Co. always attract attention, never underestimate the other New York City builders.


jockey_01Appointment: Historic lawn jockey
Condition: Excellent condition. Restored
Height: 50 inches
Material: Cast iron

A lawn jockey is a small statue of a man in jockey clothes, intended to be placed in yards.


lamps_1Appointment: Finger mount carriage lamps
Condition: Excellent original condition
Size: 19.5 inches tall

I was immediately attracted to the condition, originality and style of these lamps.


skeleton_01Vehicle: Skeleton Gig
Builder: J.F. Goodrich. 684 Broadway. New York
Condition: Excellent with an older paint job.

Great drivability, outstanding style, and an affordable price tag combine to make this carriage a must own for any driver or collector.


lowentraut_1Appointment: Adjustable buggy wrench with brace
Condition: Excellent
Material: Metal and wood
Markings: P. Lowentraut. Newark, NJ

Peter Lowentraut started making tools in 1871 making a variety of hand tools. His business continued into the 20th century.


toeboard_01Appointment: Toe Board lamp. Pony size.
Condition: Restored
Size: 12 inches tall with 7 inch front glass
Maker: White Mfg. Co. Bridgeport, CT

The White Mfg. Co., of Bridgeport, Conn., was originally established in 1846, and subsequently incorporated in 1853. Their manufactures consist chiefly of carriage and hearse lamps and mountings.


oakland_1Vehicle: Oakland (smaller size)
Tag: The French Carriage Co. 92 – 93 Summer St. Boston
Condition: Factory original

This carriage has it all. Style, versatility, maker’s name, and factory original condition.


img_3914Appointment: Collection of carriage axle nut wrenches
Marking: Sheldon Axle Co.
Material: Cast iron
Size: Various

When you consider each appointment that will compliment a carriage, I have always thought the wrenches have a nice appeal.


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