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I have been very lucky and fortunate to represent and sell some wonderful vehicles and appointments.  Below you will find pictures of just a few of these pieces.  

Please let me know if you are looking for something similar to a piece shown on this page. I am continually buying vehicles and appointments, and never know “what is around the corner” 

As we all know, there any many options to choose from when purchasing an antique.  I would like to thank everyone who chose to buy their carriage, wagon or appointment from me.  I hope the piece exceeded any expectations that you had.

bob_sleigh_1Vehicle: 4 Passenger Bob Sleigh
Builder: Frank E. Benham. Waterbury, Connecticut
Condition: Factory original

According to a historical map I found online, “Frank E. Benham Horses, Carriages, and Harness” was located at 308 N. Main St. Waterbury, Connecticut”


coaching_prints_1Appointment: (6) English Coaching prints
Condition: Excellent. Newly framed and matted
Size: 25.5 x 20.5 inches

These prints would look beautiful in your home, office, stable or tack room. They are classic in style, and depict different scenes.


flandrau_1Vehicle: Dos-a-Dos Phaeton
Builder: Flandrau & Co. Broome St. NY
Condition: Original with some restoration started

This well crafted carriage is a marvelous blend of steel, wood, and Bedford cord upholstery.


cc_01Appointment: The Coaching Club. Its History, Records and Activities
Author: Reginald W. Rives
Year: 1935
Condition: Very good

If you were to buy only one book about coaching, this is the book. The book covers every detail regarding the New York Coaching Club.


pole_racks_1Appointment: Horizontal Pole racks. Wall mount.
Condition: Excellent original
Material: Cast iron.
Maker: J.L Mott Iron Works. New York

A very classic stable appointment in factory original condition.


6_spring_01Vehicle: 6 spring, big city delivery wagon
Condition: Factory original

This is a very fascinating wagon, even if not immediately obvious.


Appointment: "Venture" coaching pictorial poster
Very good. Some fading.
Size: 28 inches x 43 inches

This is one of my favorite coaching/carriage posters.  In the summer of 1908 the American, Alfred Vanderbilt took his coach “Venture” and horses to London to recreate the London – Brighton coaching route.

devoursney_lamps_1Appointment: Round Front Sporting lamps
Condition: Good original
Size: #2. 16 inches tall
Maker: DeVoursney Bros. Makers. 389 Broome St. New York.

The firm’s name is A. P. DeVoursney and G.A. Ortmann, and they manufacture nothing but first-class goods, namely, coach, hearse, landau, T-cart, buggy, phaeton, etc., lamps; carriage-mouldings of all sizes and designs


tar_bucket_01Appointment: (8) Conestoga Wagon Tar Pots
Condition: Very Good
Material: Wood

Tar pots were turned from a poplar log, and carried pine tar mixed with lard for greasing axles.


harness_racks_1Appointment: (4) piece set of antique harness racks
Material: Cast iron with wood caps
Condition: Excellent

The pictures speak for themselves. Simply put, this is a very nice complete set of antique harness racks that mount to the wall.


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